Travelling by car this Memorial day weekend? with your pets? We put together some resources for you.

A long weekend of relaxation often starts with a mad rush to get ready and get going. To help ease the stress, we collected a lot of great info on our Pinterest boards to help you prepare for your weekend travel – if you are so inclined. Since we know that not everyone’s needs are the same in preparation for their mini-vacations the resources pinned to each board examples include packing tips, pet safety tips, car organization and playlists too.


This post features our boards – Travelling with Your Pets and Road Trip – Check them out below –



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Motor Oil the very basics :-)

We created a short video to cover the basics. Let us know what you think in the comments or if there are other topics you would be interested in learning about from the very basic to more in-depth car care issues.

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Distracted Driving

It’s not just text messaging, although that is a current problem. Any distracted driving presents danger. Here are a few quick facts –


3,477 people KILLED in 2015 by distracted driving accidents.

391,000 people injured by distracted driving in 2015.

660,000 estimated number of drivers using electronic devices while driving during the day.


Distracted driving has ruined many people’s lives. Don’t let it ruin yours or a complete stranger’s life for that matter.

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New Cars: What you need to know.

Getting a new car is exciting, it’s a big investment. Our cars play an integral part in most people’s daily lives. Every car needs to be maintained and cared for regularly for performance and reliability, however, some cars experience mechanical or technical failures more times than others, so researching before you buy can help you find the right car for your needs. Check out this infographic by JD Power & Associates that shows the top-ranked cars by segment, their most common problems reported following the first 90 days of ownership and more.

A little bit about your car’s battery on National Battery Day

Your car’s battery is crucial to starting your engine. It stores power produced by the alternator and runs the secondary electric systems such as your lights, radio, power seats, power windows, and extra electrical parts in your automobile. Even though it is rechargeable, various factors such as weather conditions that are out of your control can shorten the life of your battery.  It’s estimated that a car’s battery will last for approximately 5 years on most cars and longer in the new hybrids and electric cars batteries with estimates of up to 8 years.

Regular maintenance will help prolong its life and don’t forget to shut down front lights, cabin lights, and your radio when the car is not being used.

How your car battery works:

We reviewed a lot of explainer videos and found the best ones here:

Check out this informative infographic for more tips too!



Infographic licensed under Creative Commons


We hope you found this short article helpful and happy Battery Day to you 🙂

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Get your motor running…how to use jumper cables to jump start your car.

Get your motor running…how to use jumper cables to jump start your car.Jump! Jump for joy, the holidays are over and winter has settled in, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Uh…wait, you probably don’t feel like jumping for joy when your car won’t start and your battery is drained.The majority of US passenger vehicles use a standard 12-volt direct current (DC) Lead-acid battery. When a driver turns the ignition key, an electric motor engages the teeth on a flywheel which then goes through a series of steps that ultimately lead to ignition. Once ignition is achieved the engine can produce its own electrical power from its generator or alternator. Once in awhile, it happens that a battery fails or is discharged. That’s when you need to ‘jumpstart’ your car.There are a few different ways that you can jump start your car. This method that we’re sharing today is the most common and requires a 2nd car that will help you get juiced up and ready to go. Now you can jump for joy when you remember you can easily access this handy reference tool on your cell phone or other device — a handy infographic that you can reference with detailed instructions on how to jump start your car.

Source: Infographic by Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance

It’s a good idea to carry a pair of high quality “jumper cables” in the trunk of your car. Jumper cables are 2 heavy gauge wires with large crocodile clips at each end. Good quality jumper cables will have large copper conductors, well-made alligator clips, and insulation which remains flexible at lower temperatures. Longer cables make the task slightly easier — longer cables means easier reach between the two vehicles batteries and less maneuvering of the boosting vehicle.Thanks for taking the time to check out our article here on Niume. We are here to help. Let us know what you think in the comments and what you want to know about your car, car maintenance, and repair. We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to follow us here on Niume too and if you found this article useful please bookmark it, gives us a thumbs up and/or share it with your friends too.

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Source: Get your motor running…how to use jumper cables to jump start your car.

What people are saying about Kirk’s Auto

This week a new client, Patrick Calcagno, posted to our Facebook page and today we wanted to share Patrick’s review of Kirk’s Auto Center.

It is always nice to hear from our clients and to know that we were able to help them and provide them with top quality service. Kirk’s would like to first thank Patrick Calcagno for his business and the compliment. We would also like to acknowledge Dave Moran of Kirk’s for a job well done.

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Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!

Whatever holiday you celebrate this season, we want to wish you and yours a joyous and happy holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

From all of us at Kirk’s Tire & Auto

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza

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What do you do with old tires? Give your used tires a second life!

You go to the tire shop & service center and get new tires, that’s great! Now, what do you do with old tires? You can leave them at the shop and they will send them to a certified recycling center or you can take 1 or 2 or all 4 of them home and repurpose and reuse them.

We found some very creative and innovative ways to give your tires a second life. You can find links to each project’s instructions under each image’s source.

It’s a dog’s life. Or is it a cat’s?

Do you have a dog? or maybe you need a gift for your friend who just rescued one from the shelter? Check out Jessi Wohlwend’s DIY Dog Bed, she shares all the details on how to make your own on her blog Practically Functional.
recycle and reuse your old tiresSource: Practically Functional

Joanne Rodriguez and her kitty cat Zeus reminds us that kitty cats love them too.

recycle and reuse your old tiresSource: Joanne Rodriquez

Check out Joanne’s Pinterest board – My Recycled Tires board  for even more very interesting second life tire ideas.

Or just maybe it’s a snails life?

Well, little snails probably won’t find their way into your tire planter. What will find their way, however, are lots of pretty flowers for the gardening obsessed. Gardeners are always looking for new spaces and places to plant flowers and you don’t even need a green thumb to create these lovely planters. One of our favorite colorful planters is by Roeshel of DIY Show Off.

recycle and reuse your old tiresSource: DIY Show Off

Another gardener’s favorite is the rope planter by Katie from Addicted 2 DIY.

recycle and reuse your old tires

Source: Addicted 2 DIY

It’s your life, put your feet up and relax!

A Tad Bit Eclectic whipped up this ottoman project so you can put up your feet and relax.

recycle and reuse your old tires

Or push the limits and make it an end table, or plant stand or throw on a cushion and it’s a seat – so many possibilities!
recycle and reuse your old tires

Source: A Tad Bit Eclectic

Kirk’s Automotive originally published this article on Niume, Source: What do you do with old tires? Give your used tires a second life! All the links to the instructionals can be found there.