Get your motor running…how to use jumper cables to jump start your car.

Get your motor running…how to use jumper cables to jump start your car.Jump! Jump for joy, the holidays are over and winter has settled in, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Uh…wait, you probably don’t feel like jumping for joy when your car won’t start and your battery is drained.The majority of US passenger vehicles use a standard 12-volt direct current (DC) Lead-acid battery. When a driver turns the ignition key, an electric motor engages the teeth on a flywheel which then goes through a series of steps that ultimately lead to ignition. Once ignition is achieved the engine can produce its own electrical power from its generator or alternator. Once in awhile, it happens that a battery fails or is discharged. That’s when you need to ‘jumpstart’ your car.There are a few different ways that you can jump start your car. This method that we’re sharing today is the most common and requires a 2nd car that will help you get juiced up and ready to go. Now you can jump for joy when you remember you can easily access this handy reference tool on your cell phone or other device — a handy infographic that you can reference with detailed instructions on how to jump start your car.

Source: Infographic by Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance

It’s a good idea to carry a pair of high quality “jumper cables” in the trunk of your car. Jumper cables are 2 heavy gauge wires with large crocodile clips at each end. Good quality jumper cables will have large copper conductors, well-made alligator clips, and insulation which remains flexible at lower temperatures. Longer cables make the task slightly easier — longer cables means easier reach between the two vehicles batteries and less maneuvering of the boosting vehicle.Thanks for taking the time to check out our article here on Niume. We are here to help. Let us know what you think in the comments and what you want to know about your car, car maintenance, and repair. We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to follow us here on Niume too and if you found this article useful please bookmark it, gives us a thumbs up and/or share it with your friends too.

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Source: Get your motor running…how to use jumper cables to jump start your car.


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