What do you do with old tires? Give your used tires a second life!

You go to the tire shop & service center and get new tires, that’s great! Now, what do you do with old tires? You can leave them at the shop and they will send them to a certified recycling center or you can take 1 or 2 or all 4 of them home and repurpose and reuse them.

We found some very creative and innovative ways to give your tires a second life. You can find links to each project’s instructions under each image’s source.

It’s a dog’s life. Or is it a cat’s?

Do you have a dog? or maybe you need a gift for your friend who just rescued one from the shelter? Check out Jessi Wohlwend’s DIY Dog Bed, she shares all the details on how to make your own on her blog Practically Functional.
recycle and reuse your old tiresSource: Practically Functional

Joanne Rodriguez and her kitty cat Zeus reminds us that kitty cats love them too.

recycle and reuse your old tiresSource: Joanne Rodriquez

Check out Joanne’s Pinterest board – My Recycled Tires board  for even more very interesting second life tire ideas.

Or just maybe it’s a snails life?

Well, little snails probably won’t find their way into your tire planter. What will find their way, however, are lots of pretty flowers for the gardening obsessed. Gardeners are always looking for new spaces and places to plant flowers and you don’t even need a green thumb to create these lovely planters. One of our favorite colorful planters is by Roeshel of DIY Show Off.

recycle and reuse your old tiresSource: DIY Show Off

Another gardener’s favorite is the rope planter by Katie from Addicted 2 DIY.

recycle and reuse your old tires

Source: Addicted 2 DIY

It’s your life, put your feet up and relax!

A Tad Bit Eclectic whipped up this ottoman project so you can put up your feet and relax.

recycle and reuse your old tires

Or push the limits and make it an end table, or plant stand or throw on a cushion and it’s a seat – so many possibilities!
recycle and reuse your old tires

Source: A Tad Bit Eclectic

Kirk’s Automotive originally published this article on Niume, Source: What do you do with old tires? Give your used tires a second life! All the links to the instructionals can be found there.


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